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A great way to add the Christmas theme to any table.

What you need:

Plain colored tablecloth
Heavy construction paper
Material marker
Green and red checkered fabric
Green and red sewing thread
Sewing needle
Tacking pins
Iron-on webbing
Brown paper


To ensure appliqué does not peel off after a few washes, reinforce edges with a small zig-zag stitch.


1. Cut out Christmas patterned templates from the heavy construction paper.
2. Trace around templates onto checkered fabric.
3. Tack the pins inside the edges of the patterns to the iron-on webbing.
4. Cut around the pattern's edges.
5. Fold over fabric egdes and sew together using a small stright stitch to ensure fabric does not fray.
6. Position appliqué pieces onto tablecloth.
7. Sew around the edges of all appliqué pieces with a small zig-zag stitch onto the tablecloth.
8. Remove tacking pins.
9. Carefully press a warm iron on top of the brown paper to appliqué pieces.
10. Remove the brown paper and ensure that the appliqué pieces are attached to the tablecloth.


Why not apply appliqué on your serviettes as well?

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