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For a personal touch to your candy canes.

What you need:

Craft glue


1-6" wrapped candy cane
8 inches of ribbon
2 wiggle eyes (approx. 5 mm)
1 small red pompom (for nose)
2 (18") colored pipe cleaners


Make sure the glue doesn't come in direct contact with the unwrapped candy cane.


1. Glue eyes on rounded face of the candy cane.
2. Glue red pompom on the face for a nose.
3. Tie ribbon into a bow on the straight part of the candy cane.
4. Cut one of the pipe cleaners in half.
5. Use the full pipe cleaner and wrap it around the crook of the candy cane (both sides equal) to make the beginning part of the antlers.
6. Use 1 of the cut pipe cleaner pieces to wrap around the left antler and repeat it on the right side.
7. Manipulate the pipe cleaners to look like antlers.


Use metallic colored pipe cleaners in gold or silver for a glitzy reindeer.

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