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A simple gift idea.

What you need:

Plain white colored candlesticks
Metallic red, green and gold colored paints
Loose gold or silver glitter
Fine gold or tartan ribbon
Paint brushes
Craft glue


Candles decorated with metallic paints are not suitable for burning as they may produce poisonous gases (check paint label for any warnings).


1. Paint your favourite Christmas designs onto the candlestick.
2. Paint the person's name in gold on a diagonal line.
3. Allow paint to dry.
4. Apply the craft glue to the empty spaces on the candlestick.
5. Sprinkle glitter over candlestick.
6. Leave until the glue is dry.
7. Tie a bow at the base of the candlestick.



Why not get templates of your favourite Christmas designs from our coloring-in section for some inspiration.

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