- Xmas games, crafts and fun!


This is a fun and creative way to personalise a table setting.

What you need:

Old Christmas cards Heavy green or red construction paper
Craft glue
Colored felt pens
Good quality clear contact


Do not use these mats in direct contact with heat as the contact may melt.
Do not submerge in water as this may destroy the placemat.


1. Cut construction paper to desired size.
2. Cut out pictures from old christmas cards.
3. Write the person's name anywhere on the construction paper.
4. Glue the pictures onto the construction paper around the name.
5. Allow glue to dry.
6. Cut contact to cover both sides.
7. Cover with contact.



For a bolder look replace paint for felt pens.
Instead of writing the person's name you can use cut out letters and glue them on.

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