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A quick and easy way to dress up your lollipops.


What you need:

Craft glue
White sewing thread
Sewing needle



Wrapped large lollipops
White construction paper
Red construction paper
Medium white craft pompoms
Small black craft pompoms (for Santa's nose)
Wiggle eyes (approx. 5 mm)
Cotton Wool (for Santa's beard and hat trimming)



This is not a suitable gift to be given to a child without adult supervision as Santa's decorated face may be pulled off and swallowed.
Make sure the glue doesn't come in direct contact with the unwrapped lollipop.



1. Cut white construction paper to size of lollipop.
2. Glue to one side of lollipop.
3. With the lollipop stick pointing down, glue on Santa's wiggly eyes.
4. Glue on Santa's small black pompom nose.
5. Pull apart 3 small but long pieces of cotton wool.
6. Glue 1 bit to each side of Santa's face and pull out cotton wool to the beginning of the stick.
7. Glue the last piece of cotton wool below Santa's nose and pull out to blend with other cotton wool pieces.
8. Cut red contruction paper into a triangle.
The base of the triangle should be at least 3 times larger than the lollipop.
9. Glue the side edges of the triangle to each other and ensure it is firm.
10. Glue a long strand of cotton wool to the base of the hat for Santa's hat trimming.
11. Sew white thread through white pompom 4 times to secure thread to pompom.
12. Thread the white pompom through the peak of the triangle.
13. Sticky tape thread to the hidden inside of Santa's hat.
14. Glue Santa's hat to the top of the lollipop.



You may want to simply decorate the lollipop with funny faces instead of Santa.

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