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This variation on the popular "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" party game is a perfect way to keep a children's party or classroom of kids entertained, while celebrating Christmas in a creative style. If you are teaching a language other than English, have students communicate in that language to increase the challenge level.


What you need:

A large print-out of a reindeer image or, better yet, a hand-painted version created by your class or party host in the day(s) prior.

Sticky tape

Red cardboard




As always, when using scissors either have the adult perform the cutting, or check that youngsters are using the implement safely.



  1. Print a large image of a reindeer, have it drawn on a whiteboard or paint/draw the image on butcher paper, and attach to a flat wall adjacent to open space, using blu-tack or similar.
  2. Stick a piece of rolled up sticky tape in the location where Rudolph's nose should be. Press down well.
  3. Cut a number of circles out of red card, to represent the nose, and attach another rolled-up piece of stickytape to the back of each red circle.
  4. Divide the class or party into small groups and explain that one member from each team will be blindfolded.
  5. When ready, hand the first blindfolded person a red 'nose', carefully turn them around two or three times and and ask their group to give them directional tips in English or another language as they guide the person towards the right nose position.
  6. Optionally label the nose with the initials of the person, then repeat with the next team, and so on.
  7. Whichever team ends up with a nose closest to the correct position is the winner. Enjoy!

Pin the nose on Rudolph

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